Distant Worlds 3304 Registration Opens!

Hello all you galactic adventurers!

This week has seen the return of an incredibly ambitious project that aims to propel hundreds, if not thousands of likely Commanders to the far reaches of our noble galaxy and back, cutting through regions such as The Sagittari Conflux, The Galactic Core and The Galactic Aphelion in what is set to be up to sixteen weeks of incredible adventure.

Event organisers Cmdr Erimus Kamzel and Cmdr Qohen Leth distributed the relevant info to all channels, detailing their hopes and fears for the expedition and opening registration for this seminal event that is set to take place later this year.

They have also sent out calls for specialists such as Astrophotographers, Geologists and Veteran miners in the hopes that this won’t just be an epic joy ride, but will provide much needed scientific insight into the many wonders the galaxy holds.

As of now over one thousand commanders have already given their support for the mission by officially signing up. I count myself among them.

As the year unfolds, I’ll return with more articles updating you as the event draws closer and the excitement builds.

Focko Hoft signing off.

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