Has The Galactic Community Had Enough Of Aegis?

As the thargoids continue their inexorable march towards the bubble, damaging station after station in their wake, thousands of commanders have taken to the black in pursuit of vengeance and answers.

I have trawled though countless feeds condemning all sides for their seeming inability to provide solutions. Are the Galactic Superpowers lying to us? What do they know that we don’t?

Aegis, the scientific and military arm of the Galactic triumvirate has been tireless in it’s pursuit of ways to deal with the Thargoid “menace”. They have provided the galactic community with countless tools and weapons to better combat what is seen as the most devastating threat to the bubble in recent times.

But all are not convinced of Aegis’ true intentions. Many believe that the Thargoids only want peace and that the ramping up of military power and aggression on the side of the triumvirate (at the cost of lives, ships and effort by the Galactic Community) is unwarranted, and that the great powers have drawn us into a costly war nobody ever wanted.

This coupled with the Triumvirate’s wholehearted condemnation of the mysteries surrounding the INRA bases and Commander Jameson’s recently found journals has led the galactic community to lose trust in the mighty power blocs of the bubble.

Now with the the aliens inching ever closer, will there be enough goodwill left in the spacefaring powerhouse to save the beleaguered and hurting Aegis project?

Whatever the case, we are sure to find out, but if the Triumvirate cannot galvanise enough support for it’s vague and increasingly enigmatic stance on the Thargoids, it could mean dire news for us all.

Focko Hoft signing out.

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