Could Bennington’s rest in 42 N Persei Be Next On The Thargoid Hit List?

The Fuel Scoop has learned of a theory from Cmdr SyntaxSynapse, he has extrapolated all available data and come to the conclusion that the enigmatic Thargoids could be targeting the station at 42 n Persei next. This reporter tried to reach out the station, but all representatives of Sirius inc, the controlling faction, simply commented on their successful initiative to increase the exports of Cobalt by twenty percent, but with persistent badgering they told us:

“The station has never been so secure, we are aware of the unfortunate events that have beset some stations of the Pleiades nebula, but we are not worried, in fact we are confident that the Galactic Community will solve this crisis. It has never been a better time to invest in Bennington’s rest.”

After our further questions were met by a continuous loop of this recorded message, we tried to do some snooping, but were shooed away by some errant thugs wearing Sirius inc uniforms, but this reporter swears that the jackets those thugs were wearing were also of the same material worn by Aegis operatives.

Is there an Aegis base at Bennington’s rest? Surely it would be prudent for Aegis to start concealing it’s operations in the Pleiades. All I know is that The Fuel Scoop shall not rest until the truth is out.

We are watching!

Focko Hoft signing out.

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