Terror In The California Nebula!

The Fuel Scoop has the sad duty to inform the galactic community that the alliance worlds in and around the California Nebula are under unscrupulous assault and possible infiltration by mysterious and efficient terrorist forces.

A number of communications logs have been recovered by the brave efforts of Cmdr Vierin, from various damaged Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ships in systems such as California Sector BV-Y C7, detailing harrowing accounts of attacks that seem to be part of a sustained campaign in the area to undermine Alliance control.

comms1 terror 1

As far as we know, this is an ongoing situation and may be getting worse as time draws on. There is even speculation that this could be a Thargoid-based fifth column; first the Pleiades, now California?

we come for your crew

The Fuel Scoop will be reaching out the office of Edmund Mahon, Alliance Prime Minister in an effort to ascertain whether they know about, or are acting upon this troubling evidence.

The question raises it’s ugly head again: are the people of the Galactic Triumvirate safe under their rule? How much are they not telling us or actively sweeping under the rug in the hopes that we don’t notice? Has recent instability in light of the Thargoid threat compromised the Superpower’s ability to hold onto their interests, and if so, why should their people support them? The Fuel Scoop is determined to bring you the latest on these pressing and important questions.

We are always watching.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft signing out.

Data-stream concerning these events:

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