Thargoid Attacks Accelerating, Will Sol Be Under Siege In 100 Days?

AGRICOLA’S ASCENT, PLEIADES SECTOR DL-Y D65 – A concerned commander has presented evidence that the Thargoids are en route to the Sol system and will arrive with 315 days.

The commander, who goes under the handle of CMDR Epic Ham, has calculated the rate of Thargoid incursion into Human space, starting from the attacks in the Taygeta, Pleiades Sector IR-WW d1-55, and HIP16753 systems, and progressing until the recent attacks on two other stations in the Pleiades.

“By doing a least-square regression analysis of the 12 stations attacked to date and their distance to Sol,” CMDR Epic Ham stated,
“I’ve calculated that at the current rate Thargoid [sic] will reach Sol at day 366.988.” CMDR Epic Ham also noted, however, that Asami Orbital in the system Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62, the most recently attacked station, is significantly closer to Sol than the other Thargoid attack sites. “The Thargoid attack seems to be accelerating…” “It is entirely possible we might see Sol under siege within 100 days.”

We reached out for comment from CMDR Epic Ham himself, but we were unable to reach him. We also reached out to the Federal government for response. A White House spokesperson, speaking on behalf of the Federation, commented that “Sol is in no immediate danger. Our defenses are strong. The Thargoids will have no chance if they even get close to Federation space.”

We can only hope the Federation can deliver on their promises.

Special Correspondent Icarus Ben signing out.

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