The Colosseum At San Tu

Towards the end of the year 3303, a group of pilots in the Galactic Combat Initiative got together to create a safe haven for what can only be described as modern day gladiatorial fights; in space. However, instead of filling the Roman Colosseum of Old Earth’s ancient conquering civilization with water, upon which to smash ships into each other and turn that would-be sea red with blood for the entertainment of the Roman people, these entrepreneurial Commanders have (with the consent of the local governing bodies) created a sport to rival that of Utopixx Entertainment’s “CQC Championship.” From all across the galaxy, hot-shot Commanders of the Pilots Federation bring their vessels to the star system of San Tu, where the aforementioned entrepreneurs have opened “match making” kiosks in the starport of Chomsky Terminal. All any would-be combatant must do is: agree to the rules, terms, and conditions of (what is now being called) “The Hub;” provide the credit balance for their own vessel’s insurance policy, and speak to a match maker at one of the starport’s terminals.

Combatants are arranged into teams of various sizes and ship compositions, if there are to be any teams at all, and they then fly out to the rings of a nearby gas giant. Combat in these fights is brutal, fast paced, and there is much more on the stake for these Commanders than in Utopixx’s own space vessel combat arenas; at San Tu, it’s your ship, and your credits on the line. Fights at The Hub often leave Commanders floating in stasis locked Remlok suits through the asteroid field or open space, until the match is over and they can be recovered by the rescue units on standby. However, there are avenues for surrender if a Commander feels as though a match is already lost, as is outlined by the rules, terms, and conditions of the matches. The Hub at San Tu is a growing spectacle, with potential for marketing, advertising, sponsorship, spectator, and pay-per-view holo-vid revenues. In addition to the economic potential that The Hub brings to the star system, the incredible density of combat ready pilots in the area has resulted in a staggering decrease of Commander-related crimes in and around San Tu. Despite the savage nature of The Hub itself, its organisers want potential spectators, and even potential combatants, to feel safe enough to approach the system without fear of piracy, or otherwise malignant actions being taken against them. Activities which breach the “sanctuary laws” of the system are punished with extreme prejudice by local security forces, which themselves are comprised of the very same Commanders who so often partake in the local combat matches. These explosive, modern day space-arenas are a captivating and engaging sight. I encourage you to continue to follow the happenings of The Hub at San Tu, and perhaps even to try your own hand at glory in the rings.

Fly dangerous, Commander Relick.

Link to The Hub’s intra-galactic communications network:

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