Galactic Community Set To Strike Thargoid Base.

We at The Fuel Scoop have just received word of a daring attempt by Cmdr KarateDoug to strike at what may be the very heart of a Thargoid stronghold.


In a direct quote put out to all Datalanes, he says: “Be at the HIP 14909 Surface Site. Bring Artifacts. Bring Probes. Lots of Artifacts.”


This great undertaking has seen many members of the galactic community question whether the endeavour will be nothing but a wild goose chase, while others, most notably Cmdr Timeshhift who says the mission could be “opening pandoras box”.


The image shown to corroborate this brazen and heroic effort is one that brings dread into the hearts of all spacefarers. A desolate landscape with a great maw sunken into it’s midst, of unmistakable thargoid technology.


The mission will take place in four earth rotations, that being the 18th of march at midnight GMT, by the old calendar so many spacers are fond of using.


Time will tell if this is folly, a non-event, or finally a turn of the tide and a strike on a thargoid installation.


The Fuel Scoop will try and cover the event first hand, so look out for the exciting next chapter in this story!
Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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