One Woman’s Story Of Abduction And Seduction.

Jesamine Greyling was just a cleaner out of Taylor City in the Vega system. She grew up looking out longingly at the stars, but apart from a few transitional trips from planet to station, she had never explored the grand vastness that is space.

That all changed one day when she applied for a job out in the Pleiades. Before she knew it, she was aboard the next Type 9 in a cramped cabin with new horizons burning in her imagination. The job at Obsidian Orbital started well, she liked the people on this new station, they all seemed to think that they were doing something important, a bastion of humanity so far away from the bubble.

Then came the reports of alien attacks on stations. More and more pilots were coming back in battered ships retelling stories of the horrors that waited on the fringes.

One day, Jesamine was scrubbing the undercarriage of an Eagle when the station alarms blared. All was chaos as explosions rocked the hangar bays and a terrible, wailing drone could be heard in the corners of her mind. The Thargoids had come.

“It was the scariest experience of my life. People were running, ships were quickly scrambling to respond, but we really had no chance. I just stood there, on the flight deck, looking through one of the huge holes in the station wall, and through it I saw him.”

Yes, dear reader, Jesamine tells The Fuel Scoop that during the ravaging of Obsidian Orbital earlier this year, she was spotted by one of the gargantuan aliens, which then reached out it’s proverbial tentacle and grabbed her up.

“It was so romantic in a way, I mean who would have thought that they would attack an entire station just to get me?”

Thargoid lovin

Jesamine woke up two days later in the medbay of Darnielle’s Progress, supposedly having been courted by one of the nefarious space barnacles.

“He took me all the way to the centre of the galaxy and we sat and drank wine overlooking the big black hole that’s there. I hate to kiss and tell, but…You know, we had fun. They’re really just misunderstood and looking for love and companionship in the only way they know how, by getting our attention. They’re playing hard to get!”

The Fuel Scoop doesn’t judge and we’re always looking to find new avenues to understand not just galactic megafauna, but humans too. Who’s to say if her story is true or not? All we know is that when interviewed, it seemed as if Jesamine was hiding a pregnant stomach under loose clothing.

Focko Hoft, signing out.

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