Aegis Complicity Continues?

Galnet has recently put out a bulletin, no doubt as instructed by their Aegis overlords, stating that “new signals” had been discovered in the Pleiades by their state-of-the-art listening posts, designated “Eagle Eyes”.


Does the triumvirate, and by extension Aegis their loyal lap-dog, think the galactic community is so stupid as to believe that they are only pointing these listening posts outwards?


The Fuel Scoop has it on good authority from a number of confidential sources that strange sounds and chatter has been observed on comm-links when flying close by these Eagle Eye bases.


Our expert in communications, one Theobold Taskar told The Scoop that “This sort of reported activity over closed, private channels could only signify clandestine recording techniques.”


So we ask you dear reader, is it likely that Aegis really are just using their considerable resources and immeasurable authority to monitor and counter the Thargoid threat, which many from the galactic community have successfully done on their own?


Or is it more plausible to believe in these trying times that Aegis are in league with those who would do the Human sphere ill, using these bases not to triangulate Thargoid activity, but to monitor the activity of the free agents working against Thargoid aggression and beseeching the very crusaders on our behalf to turn over information and items that could be used against the alien threat?


It is up to you to decide. To be continued, for good or ill.
Focko Hoft, signing out.

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