Thargoid Cult – Terrorists or Troubled Youth?


There has been much consternation throughout the galactic community in recent weeks as a cult of Thragoid worshippers have risen to prominence. The cult, or “Worshippers of the Far God” have been around for a while, with it’s presence being felt as far back as a year ago, just after the Thargoid attacks began, but only recently have local law enforcement across the bubble seen a rise in public order misdemeanours such as graffiti and damage to public property.

The question now rippling through the galactic community is whether these boisterous followers of the space-barnacles are merely down and out individuals clinging to a counter-culture movement, and one whose subject seems to be inching closer to us every week, or is there something bigger going on?

It’s no secret that we here at The Fuel Scoop have no love for Aegis and more than a little distrust for the Galactic Superpowers and indeed, all across the sector there seems to be a move towards protecting the group’s constitutional – or otherwise – freedom of religious beliefs, but is the indoctrination and seemingly seditious intent of a group sworn to our existential enemy really in keeping with our cultural values? This remains to be seen.

We at The Fuel Scoop also cannot rule out the possibility that Aegis have already infiltrated the ranks of these groups and are using them to further gain knowledge on the overall development and movements of the enbarnacled enemy.

We don’t like to theorise here at The Fuel Scoop but it would be very much a surprise if we didn’t see this situation escalate, and we call our dear readers to stay vigilant, and stay safe.

Chief Editor: Focko Hoft, signing out.

To keep up with the sterling work of our editor-in-chief, FockoHoft, be sure to check out his vid-feed at and on the popular minicomm feed “Twitter” @loomiiigo

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