League Of Reparations: False Flag Operation?



The ever vigilant eyes and ears here at The Fuel Scoop have been reading the latest outpourings from Galnet News, (or as we call it, the propaganda arm of the galactic superpowers) with rising concern at the corruption and manipulation being served to the galactic community on a daily basis.


It concerns the latest round of assassinations by and subsequent backlash against a group calling themselves “The League Of Reparations” – supposedly a group of paramilitaries hell-bent on assassinating the descendents of INRA officials and thus avenging the sad legacy of CMDR John Jameson, who was mercilessly used and tossed aside by the INRA during the first confrontations with the thargoids some 150 years ago.


Now, we at The Fuel Scoop ask you, dear reader, why would a group fanatically devoted to a long-dead hero suddenly become linked to a blood feud spanning generations with an organisation that seemingly went defunct long ago?


It is our assertion that shadowy organisations such as “The Club” are pulling very long strings behind the scenes and drumming up support for organisations similar to the INRA – such as Aegis, in an attempt to lay the stage for a new heightening of tensions inside the bubble.


We would not put it past such clandestine organisations, backed knowingly or otherwise by the galactic superpowers, to use their own agents disguised as this “League Of Reparations” to clean up seditious elements across known space and tie up loose ends by doing away with any knowledge held over from the days of the INRA that might have been passed down to descendents of old members – who we know have exclusively been targeted.


Links could also be drawn to this new “fifth column” of thargoid worshippers that The Fuel Scoop recently reported on. How such a group, legitimate or not, could be used to raise tensions and distract us all from the true, malign intentions of these shadowy cabals.


Well you can take it for granted, dear reader, that The Fuel Scoop works tirelessly to lift the veil on these enemies to freedom, in these troubling times.
Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.


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