The Week Moves On 2-8/7/3304

week moves on 2-87

What an important week for The Fuel Scoop to come out of hibernation, we’ve seen the possible culmination of two massive events in the rising tensions of the bubble: The insurrectionist League Of Reparation is dashed to the four winds, while their shadowy figurehead “Nexus” eludes capture. No doubt to reappear when they are of use to the cabals as the Thargoids inch closer. We can only hope that the diligence of The Pilot’s Federation uncovers whatever may be lurking under the surface.

The Thargoid Cult Of The Far God is under investigation, with officials now floating the prospect of Thargoid agents being implanted into the organisation. Thargoid agents alongside Aegis agents no doubt. Maybe even the same people? Only time will tell.

Then, Aisling Duval, in an uncharacteristic show of unity with the Federation is gearing up to marry a federal ambassador. Could this be The Cabal’s feeble attempts to unite the fractious bubble to prepare us all for what they know is coming? The Fuel Scoop thinks it likely. But we of course extend out heartfelt congratulations to the rich and powerful elite in their coupling ritual.

Meanwhile, efforts to make Colonia a thing roll on. When it was announced that a research and resource allocation centre was to be built, we here at The Fuel Scoop were scratching our heads, trying to figure out why such a centralised system needed to exist in a colony spanning many systems but with only a population of around eight million – could it be that the powers behind the throne of Colonia seek to centralise their power as well as their logistical efforts?

Have a good week dear reader. Stay vigilant and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of our content.

Chief editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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