The Galactic Hypergiant Survey – An Epic Story Of Galactic Exploration.

Dove Enigma

Seasoned explorer KennyESQUE recently returned from self imposed isolation as part of a one-man mission to map as many intriguing and unusually large stars as possible, a mission dubbed “The Galactic Hypergiant Survey”.

The Fuel Scoop only found out about this admirable mission when he docked his Federal Corvette Requiem at Dove Enigma in Colonia. Our sources inside Universal Cartographics, told us that the general sense is that the scientific community at Colonia were awaiting KennyESQUE’s arrival with bated breath.

Science officer aboard Dove Enigma, Takahiro Nakamura told us more:

“It’s just very exciting. We knew about his mission to arrive at Colonia, a federal corvette making the trip is an event in itself, but when he informed us of the detour, we knew we were in for something special. Colonia having first refusal on so much data about celestial phenomena that are not that well understood is a real treat for us all the way out here. It just shows how inspiring having a bastion of humanity out this far can be.”

Indeed, the “detour” as Nakamura states turned out to be a multi – month mission dedicated to these supermassive stars dubbed “hypergiants” – the largest recorded by KennyESQUE apparently over 490 times the radius of Sol. When questioned as to the extended length of the trip, the CMDR apparently laughed it off as a bout of space madness, leading him to weeks of drifting around these big stars, listening to their haunting song. Nobody can blame him, as we all know that particular allure.

The trip that started as 20 thousand light-years to Colonia and turned into 120 thousand, ending with a hearty round of applause at Dove Enigma as the scientific community gave utmost respect to the mammoth effort of this grand explorer of our age. It truly is the efforts of CMDRs like KennyESQUE that highlight the fact that in a galaxy of trillions, one person can still have great influence.

We here at The Fuel Scoop try at all times to laud the efforts of industrious CMDRs and organisations that are trying to do some good in the galaxy and we thank you all for making these articles possible!

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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