The Fuel Scoop Needs You!

Hello there dear reader. Chief Editor Focko Hoft here and today I want to talk about this little project of mine. A few months ago I made a silly in-universe news site. It got off to a really good start and I’m so thankful that many people seem to be interested in this type of content. Now I feel like I’m ready to fully commit to this, going forward.

That brings me to the subject of today’s lecture! I would love to have as many people involved as possible, this way I can make the site better and work towards building this into a fully fledged community. We’ll have goals, expeditions, missions, conspiracies and plenty of things to keep people involved in the game we love and hopefully avoid the grind as much as possible. I believe this game really shines when a group of people smarter than me get together and make their own content.

So I ask you to join our discord server if you want to be part of something new and you can watch me flail about trying to mange it:

I also humbly request that you head back to the comment section of the reddit thread you clicked on and leave a comment on one aspect of what you would like to see, or how I could make this place better.

Link for the lazy, because I’m lazy too and can relate: Link To Reddit

Thank you so much for even clicking to read this. You’re awesome.

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