Long Range Passengers: What Do They Know?


Believe it or not, dear reader, The Fuel Scoop does not bring in the kinds of fame and riches it deserves. I know, it’s hard to believe, but every now and again the staff here at the intragalactic offices need to take missions from time to time.

The staff here were all sitting down to a gourmet meal, (StarDrive Express Synth-Fried Chicken) when our Client Relations Officer Loomiiigo remarked on the startling number of passenger contracts out to the far fringes of the galaxy and that got us thinking about where exactly these people wanted to go.

The contracts sometimes call for an enterprising taxi to take such an individual to a well-known tourist spot such as The Glorious Nebula or The Evil Eye, so when we called to try and get an interview with these folk, they were all too happy to furnish us with the minute (and dull) details of their trip: Archaeological Digs, Treasure maps printed on toilet paper or even just an ill-advised bet.

However. There are a few individuals who were not as forthcoming with the details, others who flat-out refused to give us the contract after we asked some questions and even one who severed all communication and fled the minute we tried to make contact. This raises the question; do these prospective passengers know something that we do not? Are these wealthy space-tourists using the Pilots Federation as a logistics network to investigate untold secrets without arousing suspicion?

So just think, the next time someone offers you 50 million credits to go to a random sector 15000 light-years out, what do they know?

Chief Taxi Driver, Focko Hoft, signing out.

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