Thargoid Base At Betelgeuse?


We hear a lot of things waiting around in the black. Sunning ourselves on the shores of a red-giant, waiting for the fuel scoop to do it’s duty and skimming through the latest comm-link messages, we normally come across the inane ramblings of space-madness addled pilots grabbing at any chance to see ghosts in the void.

But every now and again we come across something that has a chance. CMDR Bakertia1 smells something fishy in the Betelgeuse system. Space-molluscs could be amassing on it’s borders, waiting patiently under the noses of the bubble, taking advantage of the high-value worlds of the system. Lurking in the dark sides of it’s moons.

Polaris, Rigel, Maia and Merope form a stark line to the galactic south, which may prove a temptation for the geometrically minded Thargoids. Is this just a coincidence or could there be more to the surrounding systems than we know? All we’re sure of is that there isn’t enough investigation going on into these crustaceous invaders and we need answers.

This is a call out to all those enterprising, or bored, galactic surveyors with a taste for adventure. Get into Betelgeuse and it’s sister systems, scan those signal sources, scour it’s planets for answers. We cannot let the Crab-Fiends gain any more ground than they already have.

The fate of humanity stands on a knife edge more and more every day and it’s only proactive pilots like you that can save us.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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