The Duval-Rochester Engagement: Trouble In Paradise?


This week the Duval Household released the date and details of the upcoming wedding between Princess Aisling Duval and Jordan Rochester. This news was met with broad approval by the galactic community who view the pairing with the romantic bent it rightly deserves.


However, the news was not without its detractors. Some imperial families oppose the marriage, seeing it as a power play with Rochester and Duval both trying to consolidate power. Zemina Torval even went so far to say that it was nothing but a “PR exercise”, stating that both parties are using the marriage purely for their own personal gain, she went on to lambast Duval for “undermining the Empire’s policies”.


On the other side, former Federation President Jasmina Halsey gave her full support.


So we at The Fuel Scoop can’t help but see the rift this marriage is causing before it even begins. With the date itself set for the 25th of august, we wonder if it will even go ahead. It’s not unlike the imperial families to resolve issues of a perceived power struggle in rather…indiscrete ways.


While the team here wish the happy couple our best, we just hope that the strange times we live in don’t result in this tale of high-profile romance ending on a sad note.
Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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