The Stars Of Unusual Size Survey Begins.


We here at The Fuel Scoop are lucky to have close ties with some of the more ambitious research societies in the bubble. We try to encourage their endeavours and spotlight their important work.


CMDR KennyESQUE represents one such organisation, he is the Head Researcher for The Galactic Supergiant Research Program. Their mission is to catalogue the largest stars in our galaxy.


Having recently returned from his last foray into the black, which we covered last week – Here.

KennyESQUE is wasting no time. Infact he is planning an even longer and ambitious trip. In our interview with him, we asked him how it felt to be heading up the most ambitious exploration project to date. Here’s what he said:


“how does it feel? Both incredible and foolish. I always wanted to be one of the “great” explorers of our galaxy and now I’m finally taking action to potentially make that happen. The foolishness comes from understanding just how much time an expedition of this size will take. Even if I was going straight from point A to B to  C and so on this could take months. Yet I’m doing so much more than that. I turned the ~30kly route that I took from Sol  to Colonia and turned it into 130,000 light years of hyperspace travel. This could take well over a year and I feel as though I am a fool for that.”


We will be keeping up with the mammoth journey as it unfolds. Maybe even rendezvousing with the research team as and when they find anything interesting.
Community Editor Loomiiigo, signing off.

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