Simbad Regime In Colonia Slave Links?


We all know that Colonia is a hotbed of dubious activities. It seems that every organisation uses this home away from home to conduct activities that might be viewed with suspicion nearer the bubble. We’ve seen this with bandit kings packing up and making the move, all the way up to Aegis and the Galactic Superpowers building secret facilities nestled in the rings of gas-giants.

Well The Fuel Scoop has recently acquired some insider information from those close to the Simbad regime, that might suggest that they have, for a long time, been setting up an extensive logistics network along the Neutron-star superhigway and in Colonia itself to transport and house slaves and other itinerant workers for nefarious ends.

It has been known for a while that Simbad have been seeking to improve travel times along the line of neutron stars that straddles the galactic plane, we once again ask about the motives of this powerful group. Could it be to merely allow their agents to make the trip to colonia quicker, to close the distance between their peaceful missions? Maybe.

It could also be to better facilitate the transportation of large numbers of Alliance and Federation citizens, prepared at their supervillain-like asteroid base at Nu Tauri for the long trip to Colonia, where they may or may not be using them to mine out more asteroids or who knows what else?

We here at The Fuel Scoop can only speculate on the scant evidence we have. Simbad are very good at covering their tracks. But as always, our eyes and ears are everywhere.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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