Community Goal Boycott As The Club Grabs For Power.


Recently, Galnet reported on a new community goal concerning the arrest of Alliance Official Riri Mcalister, who has been dubbed as the leader of The League Of Reparation – Nexus.

This arrest has led to a clutch of Empire/Federation joint strikes on installations apparently linked to The League. Both superpowers are funnelling resources into eradicating these two installations and all those associated with them.

However, CMDR Rainbro presents another side and we laud his efforts into researching this situation, as The Fuel Scoop have been highly suspicious of these recent events and we have published various articles pulling together The League, The recent rise of the Thargoid Cult and the seeming consolidation of power with the Duval – Rochester engagement.

It seems that the shadowy cabal known as “The Club” are using The League Of Reparation as an excuse to excise politicians critical to their aims and install more pliable representatives. Mcallister was calling for Aegis to become more transparent shortly before she was elevated to a senior position in The Alliance and arrested a while after that.

All these things are tied together and we are coming closer to everything being swept under the rug as The Club points the galactic community at a community goal and just hopes nobody looks too closely at it.

We are with CMDR Rainbro and some alliance officials when we tell you to boycott this community goal and let your local representative know that we will not stand idly by while innocent citizens of independent systems are arrested for coming too close to a very real conspiracy.

Act now.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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