Cubeo Blockaded By Federal United Command.



In a stunning show of defiance against Imperial Princess Aisling Duval, representatives from the Federation sub-faction known as The Federal United Command, flying the banner for Zachary Hudson, formed a blockade at stations across the Cubeo system yesterday.

It is not known exactly why the blockade came into force, but many speculate whether it is tied to Duval’s recent engagement to Jordan Rochester – solidifying feelings that there might be quiet insurrections throughout both The Empire and Federation against the arrangement.

There was widespread fighting as the plucky group, consisting of entirely Viper-class craft, blocked the station’s entry slot and would not let traders or other visitors through. We reached out to Prismatic Imperium, the local government in the system. Archibald Vyner gave us this statement:

“We wholeheartedly condemn this brazen act of economic sabotage. In a time when Imperial-Federation relations are at an all time high, we hope that Zachary Hudson and his people regret the loss of millions of credits as a result of these regrettable actions.”

We reached out to the offices of Hudson himself, but he has yet to reply.

We at The Fuel Scoop always encourage the most devoted commanders from across the galaxy in upholding their beliefs, and we hope that this latest statement by FUC can lead them to achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

3 thoughts on “Cubeo Blockaded By Federal United Command.

  1. Firstly, Archibald Vyner isn’t a spokesperson for the Prismatic Imperium. Second, this is a minor annoyance at best. My Fer-de-Lance certainly hasn’t noticed anything. When I asked the Chancellor, Otto von Wolfsburg, about it, he said to have our cargo ships bump up the throttles a little.

    -Kurt Ausin
    Commissioned Commander for the Prismatic Imperium.

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    1. You’ve been verified as our official contact for the Prismatic Imperium. You might want to talk to Vyner then, we got him on the horn when we asked for official comment.


      1. Hey, the article was fun. I liked it.
        To keep things simple though I request to be your official contact for the Prismatic Imperium as I am the Lord Herald (leader) and head of media though CMDR Kurt Austin is also valid as a decorated pilot from our faction.

        In any case, Vyner gave a good comment so there is no issue with this article. I had assumed Vyner was a fictional character designed by the editor.


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