Thargoid Attacks on Megaships Rising.



Thargoids appear to be attacking industrial megaships more and more in present weeks. CMDR Idonolis pointed out that Thargoids had attacked a Demeter class agricultural vessel yesterday in the system HIP 44811, being one of the furthest vessels from the center of thargoid activity to be attacked.

We have also had reports of other Dmeter class vessels attacked, with an intercepted combat log reading:

I don’t care if we have no weapons, get me anything I can throw at this thing! Get some power to engines! If we can’t shoot it, maybe we can ram it!”

This says to us here At The Fuel Scoop that these times are becoming more desperate, with attacks by the Thargoid Menace becoming more frequent and coming without warning. What could be the reason for these sudden attacks on logistical vessels? CMDR Rainbro made the point that some megaships have had smuggled alien material aboard to possibly lure Thargoids to attack.

Could this all be further evidence of Aegis manipulation and collusion with the Thargoids? Only time will tell.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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