The Ambitious Armistice Summit.


Commanders hailing from all three galactic superpowers are coming together in unity, to try and send a message to those in power. The twelve-thousand light year expedition, titled “The Armistice Summit”, has been organised by those responisble for the series of Small Worlds Expeditions that have been running throughout the year.

It’s objective in a very real sense is to bring together as many members from the Alliance, Federation And empire as possible, on a galactic parade to show how these three fractious groups can come together and unite against the growing threat we continually face in the Thargoids.

Quoting the event’s organisers:

Our mission is to unite the Federation, The Empire and The Alliance in an effort to work together in peace against the Thargoid threat. The aliens are busy destroying our stations, murdering thousands upon thousands of people, while the superpowers are busy fighting each other instead of putting a group effort into solving the problem. We want to consider this expedition an outcry to the leaders of each of the powers; President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval. We reach out to all of them, in hopes that they will respond to our call to action and peace.

We at The Fuel Scoop are inspired by the efforts of these commanders for trying to come up with a peaceful solution in these times of uncertainty and realpolitik. We wish the expedition all the luck in the galaxy.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

Link to forum post:


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