AEDC/Lave Radio Tied To League Of Reparations?


Following the recent scandal in the Alliance of Independant Systems: namely that the latest addition to the Council of Admirals, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister, is a member of the League of Reparation. Not just any member however, Rear Admiral McAllister is Nexus, the leader of the League of Reparation.

One player group: The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, praised the Rear Admiral with high regard, honoring her by naming their ships after her. This raises the question, does the AEDC have ties to the League of Reparation?

The AEDC has its hands in many different government organisations within the Alliance, two examples being:

LHS 2541 Alliance Combine

Wolf 406 Transport & Co

The Alliance Combine has made its way to a high security federal system and taken it over in the past. As such, the AEDC have a lot of ground to call their own and have a lot of sway in the surrounding areas. As such, the AEDC would make for perfect hitmen to target INRA descendants in Alliance space due to their status.

This is not all though. The AEDC have recently used proxy wars against other groups backed by commanders, most notably, the Lave Radio Network. They are murdering innocent pilots all over Lave, simply because they prefer being independent than be part of the Alliance. This in itself is clear proof of the lack of morality in the ranks of AEDC, who evidently are not above using murder for whatever goal they wish to achieve.

Additionally, we possess photographic proof of CMDR DNA-Decay stating his interest in joining the League of Reparation. As such, we believe it is within reason to suspect the AEDC as a whole to be part, if not the entirety, of the League of Reparation

Article Written by CMDR Grandcry

Edited by Chief Editor Focko Hoft.

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