Widespread political Attack On Rochester Family


The recent assault on Kali Rochester has garnered widespread condemnation after the teenager was assaulted on-campus at her university at Olympus Village. This recent event seems to speak to a growing anti-imperial sentiment within some Federation factions.

It appeared that just after the Duval-Rochester engagement was announced, the federation would look towards the event in a more measured way, leaving the bombast and hand-wringing to the fractious Imperial system. Cracks appear to be showing, however, in the otherwise stoic Federal facade.

Jupiter Rochester, Kali’s father and CEO of Core Dynamics found himself in hot water as Core’s stock took a nosedive in the days proceeding the engagement announcement. Shareholders are evidently worried that this marriage is no good for the integrity of the Federation.

Further bad news for the Rochester family as the ill-intent sent ripples through the congressional system. Isolde Rochester was forced to answer a stream of vitriolic questions on whether linking the two most powerful families in the galaxy would undermine the very essence of what the Federation meant.

The Fuel Scoop is pleased to see the bourgeois members of the political class beginning to be held accountable for the repercussions this event could have, but we can’t help but thing this is merely the tip of the ice berg. What political maneuvering must be going on underneath the surface if this is what we’re seeing? Mark our words, this is not the end of the growing instability by a long way.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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