League Of Reparations Plot Thickens.


The League Of Reparation has been dismantled, and according to Galnet, Riri Mcallister has admitted to being the infamous Nexus after extensive “interrogation”. She also apparently claimed to be a descendent of Jameson. Galnet pointed out that Mcallister is a registered orphan, which makes these developments very interesting.

Since we know that every move made in these investigations is orchestrated by The Club, we have to ask serious questions about their motivations behind dredging up the past in such a spectacular way.

Are they trying to debase Jameson’s legacy in the hopes to dilute the past and move forward with their evident help for the Thargoids that have been plaguing the Pleiades? There Is evidence that secret powers are letting the Thargoids win. There are even rumours that two Thargoid factions are vying for power, could The Club have aligned themselves with this second Thargoid group?

We are in the opening stages of a war. Someone must take action soon, before we’re all compromised.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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