Thargoids Sighted Closer Than Ever.


CMDR Megalithic took a lucky snapshot of a ‘Goid menacing an Aquarius Class Tanker just 121 light years from Sol.

Direct Quote from Megalithic:

“This just happened moments ago when visiting the Deciat system. Saw the tanker during supercruise, dropped in, and saw the Thargoid there attacking the ship. First sighting too, by the way. After hanging there for a couple of seconds viewing the scene I saw the thing moving to me instead of the tanker, so I got the hell outta dodge. Getting a bit anxious now – this is close to Jameson Memorial.”

Anxious indeed. This is another nail in Aegis’ coffin. How can all the resources of the tri-superpower project culminate in the Thargoids being able to encroach further and further towards the bubble? My hope is that we can all come together to find a way to solve these pressing issues before even more people are put in harm’s way.

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.

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