Rogue science ship points to alien mystery.


 The tireless members of pilots federation forums all across the galaxy form the basis for much of what we here at The Fuel Scoop report on, and this story is no different.


It seems that a rogue Beckett Class Science Vessel was on a mission of discovery, or possibly covert reconnaissance, trying to pinpoint the location of a mysterious alien destination. It seems they recovered an item from a wreck of undisclosed origin which unerringly pointed them towards parts unknown.


This ship was found ruined and floating in the Gree system, having been fired upon by assailants unknown.


You might quickly point to Thargoids, but wouldn’t a Beckett Class crew know a thargoid when they saw it? This mystery remains unsolved, for now. Though commanders at this very minute are attempting to extrapolate it’s projected course from it’s heading.
Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing off.


Link to forum post:

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