The Real Aegis Raid.

The Fuel Scoop can now report that yesterday at 19:30 standard galactic time, The Black Star Coalition successfully conducted a destructive attack on the Aegis base located in the Pleiades, known as “The Sentinel”, causing the destruction of many generators and sentry turrets upon the installation.

Sources inside the Coalition told us that the operation, known as Rendezvous, was part of a weekend-long initiative designed to test the fledgling organisation’s abilities. This approach was apparently taken because of the nature of how the Coalition was formed.

It was formed very quickly, after a week-long publicity campaign, sending out word to many groups all throughout the galactic underworld. More groups than expected turned up to show their support, as all throughout the week their ranks swelled until more than forty people committed themselves to showing up and making their voices heard by Aegis.

The heavily publicised Operation Black Stag took place on Saturday evening and, as planned, was quickly disrupted by the rogue pro-Aegis group known as The SDC, who had previously offered their help in the planned operation. The Coalition, after taking some losses, were forced to resume their training in simulation.

This training operation proved fruitful, as now the methods for insertion and attack were tested and any subversive elements had been exposed. Omega Strike Force had been formed from the trusted core of the BSC, who then covertly conducted the real strike some days later, completely free from interference.

Direct quote from one BSC leader only known as “Omega Gold” on the weekends activities:

“We thank all those involved for taking part in our baptism of fire. This was an important step in our growth. Special thanks must go to The SDC, who provided very professional subversion and live-fire reaction training.”

Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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