The Fuel Scoop Needs You!

Hello there dear reader. Chief Editor Focko Hoft here and today I want to talk about this little project of mine. A few months ago I made a silly in-universe news site. It got off to a really good start and I’m so thankful that many people seem to be interested in this type of content. Now I feel like I’m ready to fully commit to this, going forward. That brings me to the subject of today’s lecture! I would love to have as many people involved as possible, this way I can make the site better and work towards … Continue reading The Fuel Scoop Needs You!

Has The Quest To Find Raxxla Petered Out?

Go into any hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy and you’ll always find them. Small groups of crusty old spacers, normally chewing or smoking some illicit substance, ink stains all over their fingers and never without some tattered notebook or scraps of paper, hastily scrawled with star-charts or riddles, long pored over and annotated with myriad spiderlike notes. These are the Raxxla hunters. They have been scouring the galaxy since anyone can remember for the myth that is Raxxla – supposedly a gateway to whatever your heart desires: treasure, knowledge, maybe even another galaxy. We here at The … Continue reading Has The Quest To Find Raxxla Petered Out?

The Galactic Hypergiant Survey – An Epic Story Of Galactic Exploration.

Seasoned explorer KennyESQUE recently returned from self imposed isolation as part of a one-man mission to map as many intriguing and unusually large stars as possible, a mission dubbed “The Galactic Hypergiant Survey”. The Fuel Scoop only found out about this admirable mission when he docked his Federal Corvette Requiem at Dove Enigma in Colonia. Our sources inside Universal Cartographics, told us that the general sense is that the scientific community at Colonia were awaiting KennyESQUE’s arrival with bated breath. Science officer aboard Dove Enigma, Takahiro Nakamura told us more: “It’s just very exciting. We knew about his mission to … Continue reading The Galactic Hypergiant Survey – An Epic Story Of Galactic Exploration.

The Week Moves On 2-8/7/3304

What an important week for The Fuel Scoop to come out of hibernation, we’ve seen the possible culmination of two massive events in the rising tensions of the bubble: The insurrectionist League Of Reparation is dashed to the four winds, while their shadowy figurehead “Nexus” eludes capture. No doubt to reappear when they are of use to the cabals as the Thargoids inch closer. We can only hope that the diligence of The Pilot’s Federation uncovers whatever may be lurking under the surface. The Thargoid Cult Of The Far God is under investigation, with officials now floating the prospect of … Continue reading The Week Moves On 2-8/7/3304

League Of Reparations: False Flag Operation?

  The ever vigilant eyes and ears here at The Fuel Scoop have been reading the latest outpourings from Galnet News, (or as we call it, the propaganda arm of the galactic superpowers) with rising concern at the corruption and manipulation being served to the galactic community on a daily basis.   It concerns the latest round of assassinations by and subsequent backlash against a group calling themselves “The League Of Reparations” – supposedly a group of paramilitaries hell-bent on assassinating the descendents of INRA officials and thus avenging the sad legacy of CMDR John Jameson, who was mercilessly used … Continue reading League Of Reparations: False Flag Operation?

Thargoid Cult – Terrorists or Troubled Youth?

There has been much consternation throughout the galactic community in recent weeks as a cult of Thragoid worshippers have risen to prominence. The cult, or “Worshippers of the Far God” have been around for a while, with it’s presence being felt as far back as a year ago, just after the Thargoid attacks began, but only recently have local law enforcement across the bubble seen a rise in public order misdemeanours such as graffiti and damage to public property. The question now rippling through the galactic community is whether these boisterous followers of the space-barnacles are merely down and out … Continue reading Thargoid Cult – Terrorists or Troubled Youth?

The Dawning Of A New Era Of Galactic Travel.

In a communication put out on all popular comm-links, CMDR Madd-Matt provided proof of a new record set in hyperspace jump-range that smashes all previous attempts. The Fuel Scoop has reached out to contact this genius mind at the bleeding-edge of hyperspace technology but he was unavailable for comment, but we can be sure that he is still out there, tweaking and working on the next record. This achievement sets the record at 335.94 light-years, extended by careful planning, a guardian-boosted Frameshift Drive with a custom specced out Anaconda. The feeble minds here at The Fuel Scoop cannot pretend to … Continue reading The Dawning Of A New Era Of Galactic Travel.

Aegis Complicity Continues?

Galnet has recently put out a bulletin, no doubt as instructed by their Aegis overlords, stating that “new signals” had been discovered in the Pleiades by their state-of-the-art listening posts, designated “Eagle Eyes”. Does the triumvirate, and by extension Aegis their loyal lap-dog, think the galactic community is so stupid as to believe that they are only pointing these listening posts outwards?   The Fuel Scoop has it on good authority from a number of confidential sources that strange sounds and chatter has been observed on comm-links when flying close by these Eagle Eye bases.   Our expert in communications, … Continue reading Aegis Complicity Continues?

One Woman’s Story Of Abduction And Seduction.

Jesamine Greyling was just a cleaner out of Taylor City in the Vega system. She grew up looking out longingly at the stars, but apart from a few transitional trips from planet to station, she had never explored the grand vastness that is space. That all changed one day when she applied for a job out in the Pleiades. Before she knew it, she was aboard the next Type 9 in a cramped cabin with new horizons burning in her imagination. The job at Obsidian Orbital started well, she liked the people on this new station, they all seemed to … Continue reading One Woman’s Story Of Abduction And Seduction.

Galactic Community Set To Strike Thargoid Base.

We at The Fuel Scoop have just received word of a daring attempt by Cmdr KarateDoug to strike at what may be the very heart of a Thargoid stronghold.   In a direct quote put out to all Datalanes, he says: “Be at the HIP 14909 Surface Site. Bring Artifacts. Bring Probes. Lots of Artifacts.”   This great undertaking has seen many members of the galactic community question whether the endeavour will be nothing but a wild goose chase, while others, most notably Cmdr Timeshhift who says the mission could be “opening pandoras box”.   The image shown to corroborate … Continue reading Galactic Community Set To Strike Thargoid Base.