Catching The Past

An article by Louis Calvert of The Sagittarius Eye – In the log-distant past we were a single-planet species and the Galaxy was a vast and unknown place. Before the development of Hyperspace travel (and even for a while afterwards!) our ancestors flung themselves into the void in Generation Ships. These massive vessels were designed for long-haul flights lasting anywhere from decades to centuries. Around 70,000 of these gigantic ships were launched from Earth starting in 2097 and continuing until the 22nd Century brought more affordable FTL systems. Many reached their destinations, but tragically many did not. Of those, … Continue reading Catching The Past

The Colosseum At San Tu

Towards the end of the year 3303, a group of pilots in the Galactic Combat Initiative got together to create a safe haven for what can only be described as modern day gladiatorial fights; in space. However, instead of filling the Roman Colosseum of Old Earth’s ancient conquering civilization with water, upon which to smash ships into each other and turn that would-be sea red with blood for the entertainment of the Roman people, these entrepreneurial Commanders have (with the consent of the local governing bodies) created a sport to rival that of Utopixx Entertainment’s “CQC Championship.” From all across … Continue reading The Colosseum At San Tu

Thargoid Attacks Accelerating, Will Sol Be Under Siege In 100 Days?

AGRICOLA’S ASCENT, PLEIADES SECTOR DL-Y D65 – A concerned commander has presented evidence that the Thargoids are en route to the Sol system and will arrive with 315 days. The commander, who goes under the handle of CMDR Epic Ham, has calculated the rate of Thargoid incursion into Human space, starting from the attacks in the Taygeta, Pleiades Sector IR-WW d1-55, and HIP16753 systems, and progressing until the recent attacks on two other stations in the Pleiades. “By doing a least-square regression analysis of the 12 stations attacked to date and their distance to Sol,” CMDR Epic Ham stated, “I’ve … Continue reading Thargoid Attacks Accelerating, Will Sol Be Under Siege In 100 Days?

Terror In The California Nebula!

The Fuel Scoop has the sad duty to inform the galactic community that the alliance worlds in and around the California Nebula are under unscrupulous assault and possible infiltration by mysterious and efficient terrorist forces. A number of communications logs have been recovered by the brave efforts of Cmdr Vierin, from various damaged Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ships in systems such as California Sector BV-Y C7, detailing harrowing accounts of attacks that seem to be part of a sustained campaign in the area to undermine Alliance control. As far as we know, this is an ongoing situation and may be getting … Continue reading Terror In The California Nebula!

The Inaugural Buckyball Medevac Challenge

The atmosphere was jubilant on the flight-deck of Harris Hospital as modest crowds watched the sleek dolphins of the Interstellar Ambulance Group disembark and fly swiftly out of the station on to their honourable mission. The IAG enlisted the services of The Buckyball Racing Club to come up with a course that would test and hone their skills in the face of increased threats to humanity. After the lessons learned from the great tragedies of the Thargoid attacks on the Pleiades Nebula and the humanitarian efforts of the galactic communities to ferry the injured and refugees to waiting hospital barges, … Continue reading The Inaugural Buckyball Medevac Challenge

Smash Hit Director Exposes Truth Of Upsilon Aquarii In Upcoming Film.

Most of you commanders will know about (and possibly even taken advantage of) the incredibly profitable missions offered by the various factions of Allen Hub in Upsilon Aquarii, ferrying passengers en masse to Smeaton Orbital in LTT 9360. The reason so many people were willing to hand over up to a million credits to be crammed into economy passenger cabins was, of course, the eagerly anticipated grand opening of Superstar Chef Antoine Grazsalek’s new restaurant, The Fat Thargoid. This eccentric gastronome reportedly moved his operation from Hutton Orbital after the local authorities passed legislation to ban some of the more…exotic … Continue reading Smash Hit Director Exposes Truth Of Upsilon Aquarii In Upcoming Film.

Could Bennington’s rest in 42 N Persei Be Next On The Thargoid Hit List?

The Fuel Scoop has learned of a theory from Cmdr SyntaxSynapse, he has extrapolated all available data and come to the conclusion that the enigmatic Thargoids could be targeting the station at 42 n Persei next. This reporter tried to reach out the station, but all representatives of Sirius inc, the controlling faction, simply commented on their successful initiative to increase the exports of Cobalt by twenty percent, but with persistent badgering they told us: “The station has never been so secure, we are aware of the unfortunate events that have beset some stations of the Pleiades nebula, but we … Continue reading Could Bennington’s rest in 42 N Persei Be Next On The Thargoid Hit List?

Simbad Regime in Nu Tauri Gain Their Asteroid Base, But Is All As It Seems?

Last week saw the stalwart individuals of Simbad Regime reach out to the galactic community to deliver all sorts of materials to their station – Parmitano Terminal and due to their fine reputation, they easily reached the goals in the time allotted and got the construction ships loaded up to build a fully functioning base inside an asteroid. Now it sits implacable, nestled amongst the resource-rich rings of Nu Tauri 5, but The Fuel Scoop would be remiss in letting this seemingly innocuous event go by without asking a few questions and probing a little further. Was this base, which … Continue reading Simbad Regime in Nu Tauri Gain Their Asteroid Base, But Is All As It Seems?

Has The Galactic Community Had Enough Of Aegis?

As the thargoids continue their inexorable march towards the bubble, damaging station after station in their wake, thousands of commanders have taken to the black in pursuit of vengeance and answers. I have trawled though countless feeds condemning all sides for their seeming inability to provide solutions. Are the Galactic Superpowers lying to us? What do they know that we don’t? Aegis, the scientific and military arm of the Galactic triumvirate has been tireless in it’s pursuit of ways to deal with the Thargoid “menace”. They have provided the galactic community with countless tools and weapons to better combat what … Continue reading Has The Galactic Community Had Enough Of Aegis?

Distant Worlds 3304 Registration Opens!

Hello all you galactic adventurers! This week has seen the return of an incredibly ambitious project that aims to propel hundreds, if not thousands of likely Commanders to the far reaches of our noble galaxy and back, cutting through regions such as The Sagittari Conflux, The Galactic Core and The Galactic Aphelion in what is set to be up to sixteen weeks of incredible adventure. Event organisers Cmdr Erimus Kamzel and Cmdr Qohen Leth distributed the relevant info to all channels, detailing their hopes and fears for the expedition and opening registration for this seminal event that is set to … Continue reading Distant Worlds 3304 Registration Opens!