Rogue science ship points to alien mystery.

 The tireless members of pilots federation forums all across the galaxy form the basis for much of what we here at The Fuel Scoop report on, and this story is no different.   It seems that a rogue Beckett Class Science Vessel was on a mission of discovery, or possibly covert reconnaissance, trying to pinpoint the location of a mysterious alien destination. It seems they recovered an item from a wreck of undisclosed origin which unerringly pointed them towards parts unknown.   This ship was found ruined and floating in the Gree system, having been fired upon by assailants unknown. … Continue reading Rogue science ship points to alien mystery.

Aegis Actively Protecting Thargoids?

The Fuel Scoop office has been absolutely rammed with evidence of Aegis’s complicity and distraction tactics in the recent weeks. We have just learned that Aegis are actively issuing Thargoid massacre missions in sectors that are never and have never been the major focus of Thragoid attacks, seemingly diverting attention away from real attack concentrations. CMDR Factabulous first made the casual observation, but it seems this goes deeper than we could imagine. Infact after thorough discussion, many CMDRs have realised that Aegis megaships, seemingly the fist of Aegis’ protective arm in the Pleiades are almost never where they should be, … Continue reading Aegis Actively Protecting Thargoids?

AEDC/Lave Radio Tied To League Of Reparations?

Following the recent scandal in the Alliance of Independant Systems: namely that the latest addition to the Council of Admirals, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister, is a member of the League of Reparation. Not just any member however, Rear Admiral McAllister is Nexus, the leader of the League of Reparation. One player group: The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, praised the Rear Admiral with high regard, honoring her by naming their ships after her. This raises the question, does the AEDC have ties to the League of Reparation? The AEDC has its hands in many different government organisations within the Alliance, two … Continue reading AEDC/Lave Radio Tied To League Of Reparations?

Community Goal Boycott As The Club Grabs For Power.

Recently, Galnet reported on a new community goal concerning the arrest of Alliance Official Riri Mcalister, who has been dubbed as the leader of The League Of Reparation – Nexus. This arrest has led to a clutch of Empire/Federation joint strikes on installations apparently linked to The League. Both superpowers are funnelling resources into eradicating these two installations and all those associated with them. However, CMDR Rainbro presents another side and we laud his efforts into researching this situation, as The Fuel Scoop have been highly suspicious of these recent events and we have published various articles pulling together The … Continue reading Community Goal Boycott As The Club Grabs For Power.

Simbad Regime In Colonia Slave Links?

We all know that Colonia is a hotbed of dubious activities. It seems that every organisation uses this home away from home to conduct activities that might be viewed with suspicion nearer the bubble. We’ve seen this with bandit kings packing up and making the move, all the way up to Aegis and the Galactic Superpowers building secret facilities nestled in the rings of gas-giants. Well The Fuel Scoop has recently acquired some insider information from those close to the Simbad regime, that might suggest that they have, for a long time, been setting up an extensive logistics network along … Continue reading Simbad Regime In Colonia Slave Links?

The Duval-Rochester Engagement: Trouble In Paradise?

This week the Duval Household released the date and details of the upcoming wedding between Princess Aisling Duval and Jordan Rochester. This news was met with broad approval by the galactic community who view the pairing with the romantic bent it rightly deserves.   However, the news was not without its detractors. Some imperial families oppose the marriage, seeing it as a power play with Rochester and Duval both trying to consolidate power. Zemina Torval even went so far to say that it was nothing but a “PR exercise”, stating that both parties are using the marriage purely for their … Continue reading The Duval-Rochester Engagement: Trouble In Paradise?

Long Range Passengers: What Do They Know?

Believe it or not, dear reader, The Fuel Scoop does not bring in the kinds of fame and riches it deserves. I know, it’s hard to believe, but every now and again the staff here at the intragalactic offices need to take missions from time to time. The staff here were all sitting down to a gourmet meal, (StarDrive Express Synth-Fried Chicken) when our Client Relations Officer Loomiiigo remarked on the startling number of passenger contracts out to the far fringes of the galaxy and that got us thinking about where exactly these people wanted to go. The contracts sometimes … Continue reading Long Range Passengers: What Do They Know?

League Of Reparations: False Flag Operation?

  The ever vigilant eyes and ears here at The Fuel Scoop have been reading the latest outpourings from Galnet News, (or as we call it, the propaganda arm of the galactic superpowers) with rising concern at the corruption and manipulation being served to the galactic community on a daily basis.   It concerns the latest round of assassinations by and subsequent backlash against a group calling themselves “The League Of Reparations” – supposedly a group of paramilitaries hell-bent on assassinating the descendents of INRA officials and thus avenging the sad legacy of CMDR John Jameson, who was mercilessly used … Continue reading League Of Reparations: False Flag Operation?

Aegis Complicity Continues?

Galnet has recently put out a bulletin, no doubt as instructed by their Aegis overlords, stating that “new signals” had been discovered in the Pleiades by their state-of-the-art listening posts, designated “Eagle Eyes”. Does the triumvirate, and by extension Aegis their loyal lap-dog, think the galactic community is so stupid as to believe that they are only pointing these listening posts outwards?   The Fuel Scoop has it on good authority from a number of confidential sources that strange sounds and chatter has been observed on comm-links when flying close by these Eagle Eye bases.   Our expert in communications, … Continue reading Aegis Complicity Continues?

Smash Hit Director Exposes Truth Of Upsilon Aquarii In Upcoming Film.

Most of you commanders will know about (and possibly even taken advantage of) the incredibly profitable missions offered by the various factions of Allen Hub in Upsilon Aquarii, ferrying passengers en masse to Smeaton Orbital in LTT 9360. The reason so many people were willing to hand over up to a million credits to be crammed into economy passenger cabins was, of course, the eagerly anticipated grand opening of Superstar Chef Antoine Grazsalek’s new restaurant, The Fat Thargoid. This eccentric gastronome reportedly moved his operation from Hutton Orbital after the local authorities passed legislation to ban some of the more…exotic … Continue reading Smash Hit Director Exposes Truth Of Upsilon Aquarii In Upcoming Film.