Prelude To Distant Worlds: Autumn Odyssey.

  Some members of the galactic community associated with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition that runs at the end of the year have announced a jaunt that will take place between now and then. Officially called: The Autumn Odyssey, it is being sponsored and run by The Deep Space Network and The Paradox Wing and will be the inaugural collaboration between these two infamous groups. The expedition will run from the 9th of September until November 25th and will seek to recreate the spirit of the ancient mythical explorer Odysseus, who faced a multitude of dangers and challenges to his … Continue reading Prelude To Distant Worlds: Autumn Odyssey.

Distant Worlds 3304 Registration Opens!

Hello all you galactic adventurers! This week has seen the return of an incredibly ambitious project that aims to propel hundreds, if not thousands of likely Commanders to the far reaches of our noble galaxy and back, cutting through regions such as The Sagittari Conflux, The Galactic Core and The Galactic Aphelion in what is set to be up to sixteen weeks of incredible adventure. Event organisers Cmdr Erimus Kamzel and Cmdr Qohen Leth distributed the relevant info to all channels, detailing their hopes and fears for the expedition and opening registration for this seminal event that is set to … Continue reading Distant Worlds 3304 Registration Opens!