The Dawning Of A New Era Of Galactic Travel.

In a communication put out on all popular comm-links, CMDR Madd-Matt provided proof of a new record set in hyperspace jump-range that smashes all previous attempts. The Fuel Scoop has reached out to contact this genius mind at the bleeding-edge of hyperspace technology but he was unavailable for comment, but we can be sure that he is still out there, tweaking and working on the next record. This achievement sets the record at 335.94 light-years, extended by careful planning, a guardian-boosted Frameshift Drive with a custom specced out Anaconda. The feeble minds here at The Fuel Scoop cannot pretend to … Continue reading The Dawning Of A New Era Of Galactic Travel.

Catching The Past

An article by Louis Calvert of The Sagittarius Eye – In the log-distant past we were a single-planet species and the Galaxy was a vast and unknown place. Before the development of Hyperspace travel (and even for a while afterwards!) our ancestors flung themselves into the void in Generation Ships. These massive vessels were designed for long-haul flights lasting anywhere from decades to centuries. Around 70,000 of these gigantic ships were launched from Earth starting in 2097 and continuing until the 22nd Century brought more affordable FTL systems. Many reached their destinations, but tragically many did not. Of those, … Continue reading Catching The Past

The Colosseum At San Tu

Towards the end of the year 3303, a group of pilots in the Galactic Combat Initiative got together to create a safe haven for what can only be described as modern day gladiatorial fights; in space. However, instead of filling the Roman Colosseum of Old Earth’s ancient conquering civilization with water, upon which to smash ships into each other and turn that would-be sea red with blood for the entertainment of the Roman people, these entrepreneurial Commanders have (with the consent of the local governing bodies) created a sport to rival that of Utopixx Entertainment’s “CQC Championship.” From all across … Continue reading The Colosseum At San Tu

The Inaugural Buckyball Medevac Challenge

The atmosphere was jubilant on the flight-deck of Harris Hospital as modest crowds watched the sleek dolphins of the Interstellar Ambulance Group disembark and fly swiftly out of the station on to their honourable mission. The IAG enlisted the services of The Buckyball Racing Club to come up with a course that would test and hone their skills in the face of increased threats to humanity. After the lessons learned from the great tragedies of the Thargoid attacks on the Pleiades Nebula and the humanitarian efforts of the galactic communities to ferry the injured and refugees to waiting hospital barges, … Continue reading The Inaugural Buckyball Medevac Challenge