Thargoids Sighted Closer Than Ever.

CMDR Megalithic took a lucky snapshot of a ‘Goid menacing an Aquarius Class Tanker just 121 light years from Sol. Direct Quote from Megalithic: “This just happened moments ago when visiting the Deciat system. Saw the tanker during supercruise, dropped in, and saw the Thargoid there attacking the ship. First sighting too, by the way. After hanging there for a couple of seconds viewing the scene I saw the thing moving to me instead of the tanker, so I got the hell outta dodge. Getting a bit anxious now – this is close to Jameson Memorial.” Anxious indeed. This is … Continue reading Thargoids Sighted Closer Than Ever.

League Of Reparations Plot Thickens.

The League Of Reparation has been dismantled, and according to Galnet, Riri Mcallister has admitted to being the infamous Nexus after extensive “interrogation”. She also apparently claimed to be a descendent of Jameson. Galnet pointed out that Mcallister is a registered orphan, which makes these developments very interesting. Since we know that every move made in these investigations is orchestrated by The Club, we have to ask serious questions about their motivations behind dredging up the past in such a spectacular way. Are they trying to debase Jameson’s legacy in the hopes to dilute the past and move forward with … Continue reading League Of Reparations Plot Thickens.

Thargoid Attacks on Megaships Rising.

  Thargoids appear to be attacking industrial megaships more and more in present weeks. CMDR Idonolis pointed out that Thargoids had attacked a Demeter class agricultural vessel yesterday in the system HIP 44811, being one of the furthest vessels from the center of thargoid activity to be attacked. We have also had reports of other Dmeter class vessels attacked, with an intercepted combat log reading: “I don’t care if we have no weapons, get me anything I can throw at this thing! Get some power to engines! If we can’t shoot it, maybe we can ram it!” This says to … Continue reading Thargoid Attacks on Megaships Rising.

Thargoid Base At Betelgeuse?

We hear a lot of things waiting around in the black. Sunning ourselves on the shores of a red-giant, waiting for the fuel scoop to do it’s duty and skimming through the latest comm-link messages, we normally come across the inane ramblings of space-madness addled pilots grabbing at any chance to see ghosts in the void. But every now and again we come across something that has a chance. CMDR Bakertia1 smells something fishy in the Betelgeuse system. Space-molluscs could be amassing on it’s borders, waiting patiently under the noses of the bubble, taking advantage of the high-value worlds of … Continue reading Thargoid Base At Betelgeuse?

Thargoid Cult – Terrorists or Troubled Youth?

There has been much consternation throughout the galactic community in recent weeks as a cult of Thragoid worshippers have risen to prominence. The cult, or “Worshippers of the Far God” have been around for a while, with it’s presence being felt as far back as a year ago, just after the Thargoid attacks began, but only recently have local law enforcement across the bubble seen a rise in public order misdemeanours such as graffiti and damage to public property. The question now rippling through the galactic community is whether these boisterous followers of the space-barnacles are merely down and out … Continue reading Thargoid Cult – Terrorists or Troubled Youth?

One Woman’s Story Of Abduction And Seduction.

Jesamine Greyling was just a cleaner out of Taylor City in the Vega system. She grew up looking out longingly at the stars, but apart from a few transitional trips from planet to station, she had never explored the grand vastness that is space. That all changed one day when she applied for a job out in the Pleiades. Before she knew it, she was aboard the next Type 9 in a cramped cabin with new horizons burning in her imagination. The job at Obsidian Orbital started well, she liked the people on this new station, they all seemed to … Continue reading One Woman’s Story Of Abduction And Seduction.

Galactic Community Set To Strike Thargoid Base.

We at The Fuel Scoop have just received word of a daring attempt by Cmdr KarateDoug to strike at what may be the very heart of a Thargoid stronghold.   In a direct quote put out to all Datalanes, he says: “Be at the HIP 14909 Surface Site. Bring Artifacts. Bring Probes. Lots of Artifacts.”   This great undertaking has seen many members of the galactic community question whether the endeavour will be nothing but a wild goose chase, while others, most notably Cmdr Timeshhift who says the mission could be “opening pandoras box”.   The image shown to corroborate … Continue reading Galactic Community Set To Strike Thargoid Base.

Thargoid Attacks Accelerating, Will Sol Be Under Siege In 100 Days?

AGRICOLA’S ASCENT, PLEIADES SECTOR DL-Y D65 – A concerned commander has presented evidence that the Thargoids are en route to the Sol system and will arrive with 315 days. The commander, who goes under the handle of CMDR Epic Ham, has calculated the rate of Thargoid incursion into Human space, starting from the attacks in the Taygeta, Pleiades Sector IR-WW d1-55, and HIP16753 systems, and progressing until the recent attacks on two other stations in the Pleiades. “By doing a least-square regression analysis of the 12 stations attacked to date and their distance to Sol,” CMDR Epic Ham stated, “I’ve … Continue reading Thargoid Attacks Accelerating, Will Sol Be Under Siege In 100 Days?

Has The Galactic Community Had Enough Of Aegis?

As the thargoids continue their inexorable march towards the bubble, damaging station after station in their wake, thousands of commanders have taken to the black in pursuit of vengeance and answers. I have trawled though countless feeds condemning all sides for their seeming inability to provide solutions. Are the Galactic Superpowers lying to us? What do they know that we don’t? Aegis, the scientific and military arm of the Galactic triumvirate has been tireless in it’s pursuit of ways to deal with the Thargoid “menace”. They have provided the galactic community with countless tools and weapons to better combat what … Continue reading Has The Galactic Community Had Enough Of Aegis?