Submission Guidelines

We’re always looking for new independent writers and you can get your article on The Fuel Scoop by following these simple steps:

The article should be somewhere between 250-500 words, written in-character from the perspective of a reporter in the Elite Dangerous universe and in a vaguely journalistic style.

Generally it’s a good idea for engagement if the article directly references something in-game, either from the Frontier Forums or the Elite Dangerous subreddit. This isn’t a requirement however and any interesting article will be considered.

If your article includes a picture, please make sure you have permission to use it. If you don’t have permission, your article may be removed.

Submitting an article doesn’t automatically mean it will be put on the site, but you will receive an explanation for why not if it is rejected, so don’t be shy! This is a learning experience for us all.

With all that in mind, submissions should be made to this email:

After you’ve submitted, be sure to hop onto the discord to be inducted into the fine office of Independent writers: