Aegis Launch Search And Rescue In Pleiades.

  Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades have seemingly been on the rise, causing a strain on local authority response teams, so Aegis has turned to the galactic community for help. It just so happens that the system in question: Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55, was the site of the Black Star Coalition raids that took place last week, and so they have released a statement in response: From Vanguard; A specialist from Spearhead Charter and Formative Member of Omega Strikeforce; “We support Aegis in their decision to help the unfortunate souls lost in space as a result of Thargoid attacks, and … Continue reading Aegis Launch Search And Rescue In Pleiades.

Rogue science ship points to alien mystery.

 The tireless members of pilots federation forums all across the galaxy form the basis for much of what we here at The Fuel Scoop report on, and this story is no different.   It seems that a rogue Beckett Class Science Vessel was on a mission of discovery, or possibly covert reconnaissance, trying to pinpoint the location of a mysterious alien destination. It seems they recovered an item from a wreck of undisclosed origin which unerringly pointed them towards parts unknown.   This ship was found ruined and floating in the Gree system, having been fired upon by assailants unknown. … Continue reading Rogue science ship points to alien mystery.

Thargoids Sighted Closer Than Ever.

CMDR Megalithic took a lucky snapshot of a ‘Goid menacing an Aquarius Class Tanker just 121 light years from Sol. Direct Quote from Megalithic: “This just happened moments ago when visiting the Deciat system. Saw the tanker during supercruise, dropped in, and saw the Thargoid there attacking the ship. First sighting too, by the way. After hanging there for a couple of seconds viewing the scene I saw the thing moving to me instead of the tanker, so I got the hell outta dodge. Getting a bit anxious now – this is close to Jameson Memorial.” Anxious indeed. This is … Continue reading Thargoids Sighted Closer Than Ever.

Aegis Actively Protecting Thargoids?

The Fuel Scoop office has been absolutely rammed with evidence of Aegis’s complicity and distraction tactics in the recent weeks. We have just learned that Aegis are actively issuing Thargoid massacre missions in sectors that are never and have never been the major focus of Thragoid attacks, seemingly diverting attention away from real attack concentrations. CMDR Factabulous first made the casual observation, but it seems this goes deeper than we could imagine. Infact after thorough discussion, many CMDRs have realised that Aegis megaships, seemingly the fist of Aegis’ protective arm in the Pleiades are almost never where they should be, … Continue reading Aegis Actively Protecting Thargoids?

League Of Reparations Plot Thickens.

The League Of Reparation has been dismantled, and according to Galnet, Riri Mcallister has admitted to being the infamous Nexus after extensive “interrogation”. She also apparently claimed to be a descendent of Jameson. Galnet pointed out that Mcallister is a registered orphan, which makes these developments very interesting. Since we know that every move made in these investigations is orchestrated by The Club, we have to ask serious questions about their motivations behind dredging up the past in such a spectacular way. Are they trying to debase Jameson’s legacy in the hopes to dilute the past and move forward with … Continue reading League Of Reparations Plot Thickens.

Widespread political Attack On Rochester Family

The recent assault on Kali Rochester has garnered widespread condemnation after the teenager was assaulted on-campus at her university at Olympus Village. This recent event seems to speak to a growing anti-imperial sentiment within some Federation factions. It appeared that just after the Duval-Rochester engagement was announced, the federation would look towards the event in a more measured way, leaving the bombast and hand-wringing to the fractious Imperial system. Cracks appear to be showing, however, in the otherwise stoic Federal facade. Jupiter Rochester, Kali’s father and CEO of Core Dynamics found himself in hot water as Core’s stock took a … Continue reading Widespread political Attack On Rochester Family

AEDC/Lave Radio Tied To League Of Reparations?

Following the recent scandal in the Alliance of Independant Systems: namely that the latest addition to the Council of Admirals, Rear Admiral Riri McAllister, is a member of the League of Reparation. Not just any member however, Rear Admiral McAllister is Nexus, the leader of the League of Reparation. One player group: The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, praised the Rear Admiral with high regard, honoring her by naming their ships after her. This raises the question, does the AEDC have ties to the League of Reparation? The AEDC has its hands in many different government organisations within the Alliance, two … Continue reading AEDC/Lave Radio Tied To League Of Reparations?