The Ambitious Armistice Summit.

Commanders hailing from all three galactic superpowers are coming together in unity, to try and send a message to those in power. The twelve-thousand light year expedition, titled “The Armistice Summit”, has been organised by those responisble for the series of Small Worlds Expeditions that have been running throughout the year. It’s objective in a very real sense is to bring together as many members from the Alliance, Federation And empire as possible, on a galactic parade to show how these three fractious groups can come together and unite against the growing threat we continually face in the Thargoids. Quoting … Continue reading The Ambitious Armistice Summit.

Thargoid Attacks on Megaships Rising.

  Thargoids appear to be attacking industrial megaships more and more in present weeks. CMDR Idonolis pointed out that Thargoids had attacked a Demeter class agricultural vessel yesterday in the system HIP 44811, being one of the furthest vessels from the center of thargoid activity to be attacked. We have also had reports of other Dmeter class vessels attacked, with an intercepted combat log reading: “I don’t care if we have no weapons, get me anything I can throw at this thing! Get some power to engines! If we can’t shoot it, maybe we can ram it!” This says to … Continue reading Thargoid Attacks on Megaships Rising.

Cubeo Blockaded By Federal United Command.

  In a stunning show of defiance against Imperial Princess Aisling Duval, representatives from the Federation sub-faction known as The Federal United Command, flying the banner for Zachary Hudson, formed a blockade at stations across the Cubeo system yesterday. It is not known exactly why the blockade came into force, but many speculate whether it is tied to Duval’s recent engagement to Jordan Rochester – solidifying feelings that there might be quiet insurrections throughout both The Empire and Federation against the arrangement. There was widespread fighting as the plucky group, consisting of entirely Viper-class craft, blocked the station’s entry slot … Continue reading Cubeo Blockaded By Federal United Command.

Community Goal Boycott As The Club Grabs For Power.

Recently, Galnet reported on a new community goal concerning the arrest of Alliance Official Riri Mcalister, who has been dubbed as the leader of The League Of Reparation – Nexus. This arrest has led to a clutch of Empire/Federation joint strikes on installations apparently linked to The League. Both superpowers are funnelling resources into eradicating these two installations and all those associated with them. However, CMDR Rainbro presents another side and we laud his efforts into researching this situation, as The Fuel Scoop have been highly suspicious of these recent events and we have published various articles pulling together The … Continue reading Community Goal Boycott As The Club Grabs For Power.

Simbad Regime In Colonia Slave Links?

We all know that Colonia is a hotbed of dubious activities. It seems that every organisation uses this home away from home to conduct activities that might be viewed with suspicion nearer the bubble. We’ve seen this with bandit kings packing up and making the move, all the way up to Aegis and the Galactic Superpowers building secret facilities nestled in the rings of gas-giants. Well The Fuel Scoop has recently acquired some insider information from those close to the Simbad regime, that might suggest that they have, for a long time, been setting up an extensive logistics network along … Continue reading Simbad Regime In Colonia Slave Links?

Prelude To Distant Worlds: Autumn Odyssey.

  Some members of the galactic community associated with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition that runs at the end of the year have announced a jaunt that will take place between now and then. Officially called: The Autumn Odyssey, it is being sponsored and run by The Deep Space Network and The Paradox Wing and will be the inaugural collaboration between these two infamous groups. The expedition will run from the 9th of September until November 25th and will seek to recreate the spirit of the ancient mythical explorer Odysseus, who faced a multitude of dangers and challenges to his … Continue reading Prelude To Distant Worlds: Autumn Odyssey.

The Stars Of Unusual Size Survey Begins.

We here at The Fuel Scoop are lucky to have close ties with some of the more ambitious research societies in the bubble. We try to encourage their endeavours and spotlight their important work.   CMDR KennyESQUE represents one such organisation, he is the Head Researcher for The Galactic Supergiant Research Program. Their mission is to catalogue the largest stars in our galaxy.   Having recently returned from his last foray into the black, which we covered last week – Here. KennyESQUE is wasting no time. Infact he is planning an even longer and ambitious trip. In our interview with him, … Continue reading The Stars Of Unusual Size Survey Begins.

The Duval-Rochester Engagement: Trouble In Paradise?

This week the Duval Household released the date and details of the upcoming wedding between Princess Aisling Duval and Jordan Rochester. This news was met with broad approval by the galactic community who view the pairing with the romantic bent it rightly deserves.   However, the news was not without its detractors. Some imperial families oppose the marriage, seeing it as a power play with Rochester and Duval both trying to consolidate power. Zemina Torval even went so far to say that it was nothing but a “PR exercise”, stating that both parties are using the marriage purely for their … Continue reading The Duval-Rochester Engagement: Trouble In Paradise?

Thargoid Base At Betelgeuse?

We hear a lot of things waiting around in the black. Sunning ourselves on the shores of a red-giant, waiting for the fuel scoop to do it’s duty and skimming through the latest comm-link messages, we normally come across the inane ramblings of space-madness addled pilots grabbing at any chance to see ghosts in the void. But every now and again we come across something that has a chance. CMDR Bakertia1 smells something fishy in the Betelgeuse system. Space-molluscs could be amassing on it’s borders, waiting patiently under the noses of the bubble, taking advantage of the high-value worlds of … Continue reading Thargoid Base At Betelgeuse?

Long Range Passengers: What Do They Know?

Believe it or not, dear reader, The Fuel Scoop does not bring in the kinds of fame and riches it deserves. I know, it’s hard to believe, but every now and again the staff here at the intragalactic offices need to take missions from time to time. The staff here were all sitting down to a gourmet meal, (StarDrive Express Synth-Fried Chicken) when our Client Relations Officer Loomiiigo remarked on the startling number of passenger contracts out to the far fringes of the galaxy and that got us thinking about where exactly these people wanted to go. The contracts sometimes … Continue reading Long Range Passengers: What Do They Know?