Simbad Regime in Nu Tauri Gain Their Asteroid Base, But Is All As It Seems?

Last week saw the stalwart individuals of Simbad Regime reach out to the galactic community to deliver all sorts of materials to their station – Parmitano Terminal and due to their fine reputation, they easily reached the goals in the time allotted and got the construction ships loaded up to build a fully functioning base inside an asteroid. Now it sits implacable, nestled amongst the resource-rich rings of Nu Tauri 5, but The Fuel Scoop would be remiss in letting this seemingly innocuous event go by without asking a few questions and probing a little further.

Was this base, which was raised from the ashes by the galactic community, built as a convenient stop for enterprising miners to harvest the glorious riches of those rings? Was it built for how amazingly cool it looks? Maybe.

asteroid base.png

However, it seems a little too convenient for this reporter to just brush aside the fact that this base looks remarkably like something a prospective cadre of supervillains in the making would create. Think about it and it only makes sense for this well respected and influential group to begin their galaxy-wide domination initiative from the secure confines of a massive asteroid.

Whatever the case, The Fuel Scoop will be sending all available special correspondents to fly slowly and constantly around the base, in silent vigil for the day when maybe, just maybe, they fulfil their nefarious plans.

We’re always watching!

Focko Hoft signing out.

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