Prelude To Distant Worlds: Autumn Odyssey.



Some members of the galactic community associated with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition that runs at the end of the year have announced a jaunt that will take place between now and then. Officially called: The Autumn Odyssey, it is being sponsored and run by The Deep Space Network and The Paradox Wing and will be the inaugural collaboration between these two infamous groups.

The expedition will run from the 9th of September until November 25th and will seek to recreate the spirit of the ancient mythical explorer Odysseus, who faced a multitude of dangers and challenges to his very humanity. So will the group seek out new and unusual phenomena in the more stellarly-dense regions of our galaxy. To quote the expedition page:

“We will visit some radioactive lanets and wonderful black holes near nebulae. We will also visit all kind of stars; from the ringed white dwarf to the Wolf Rayet in a planetary nebula. To conclude this odyssey with all these wonders, we selected two waypoints which, we expect, will stay in your memory.”

This certainly seems like a call to adventure you won’t want to miss and the sign-up is open to anyone able and willing to commit the time and effort to make some exceptional memories.

The Fuel Scoop will do our best to cover this event as it unfolds, hopefully going far enough to join in and bring to you the fruits of these galactic labours.

Community Rep Loomiiigo, signing out.

Link to forum page:



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