The Dawning Of A New Era Of Galactic Travel.

Jump Record2

In a communication put out on all popular comm-links, CMDR Madd-Matt provided proof of a new record set in hyperspace jump-range that smashes all previous attempts. The Fuel Scoop has reached out to contact this genius mind at the bleeding-edge of hyperspace technology but he was unavailable for comment, but we can be sure that he is still out there, tweaking and working on the next record.

This achievement sets the record at 335.94 light-years, extended by careful planning, a guardian-boosted Frameshift Drive with a custom specced out Anaconda. The feeble minds here at The Fuel Scoop cannot pretend to understand the methods by which Madd-Matt came to shatter the record but we are humbled by the amount of meticulous experimentation that must have led up to this point.

The Fuel Scoop and all of the galactic community must now ask what this means for space-travel. Could this mean unprecedented routes to hitherto inaccessible parts of the galaxy, or even speeding up the important work of exploration? Could it even spawn much quicker ways of finding colonisable sectors such as colonia?

Only time will tell, but be sure that The Fuel Scoop is poised to bring you the latest news on this and many more of the astounding developments currently rippling through an exciting galaxy.


To keep up with the sterling work of our editor-in-chief, FockoHoft, be sure to check out his vid-feed at and on the popular minicomm feed “twitter” @loomiiigo

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